Mike Coglianese


I have worked on two research projects while attending Brown University.

NTRU Cryptosystems

My senior honors thesis involved creating and analyzing a new NTRU-based cryptosystem. In collaboration with Bok-Min Goi, we are continuing this research and have presented the new cryptosystem at Indocrypt 2005. The paper has been published in the Lecture Notes in Computer Science; the paper and our Indocrypt 2005 slides are available below.

MaTRU - A New NTRU-Based Cryptosystem

Abstract: In this paper, we propose a new variant of the NTRU public key cryptosystem - the MaTRU cryptosystem. MaTRU works under the same general principles as the NTRU cryptosystem, except that it operates in a different ring with a different linear transformation for encryption and decryption. In particular, it operates in the ring of k by k matrices of polynomials in R = Z[X]/(Xn-1), whereas NTRU operates in the ring Z[X]/(XN-1). Note that an instance of MaTRU has the same number of bits per message as an instance of NTRU when nk2 = N. The improved efficiency of the linear transformation in MaTRU leads to respectable speed improvements by a factor of O(k) over NTRU at the cost of a somewhat larger public key.

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Slides: Indocrypt 2005

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Mobile Computing

Master's Project: Mobile Aleph - A System for Distributed Mobile Applications

Abstract: My paper introduces Mobile Aleph, a distributed shared object system that addresses the needs of mobile group-oriented applications. These applications need to work when the mobile client is connected to an application server, when off-line, or when combined with other clients in an ad hoc network. In addition, a distributed system for mobile applications must have a high degree of fault tolerance and must deal with the limitations of resource-poor clients. The system employs an optimistic concurrency model that combines the approaches of client/server and peer-to-peer architectures. The paper outlines the Mobile Aleph approach, the algorithms used for maintenance of global data, and the experimental results of simulations of the system.

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Survey Paper: Optimistic Data Replication for Mobile Applications

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